Meet Stephen Simeone

Meet Merrimack

Meet Stephen Simeone

Stephen Simeone came to the Saint-Gobain Merrimack plant because he wanted to use his knowledge and experience in wastewater to provide clean water to the town.

“I’ve always wanted to leave the world and our environment better for future generations,” he said. “Now that I have children, I want my kids and my future grandchildren to be able to enjoy clean water, rivers and lakes for generations to come so I became interested working in wastewater.”

A United States Air Force veteran, Simeone began working at the City of Concord Wastewater Department upon his honorable discharge from serving our country. After working in Concord for two years, he began working at Saint-Gobain in Merrimack in 2019 to assist in building the plant’s granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration system as the plant’s Wastewater Treatment Technician.

“As a detail-oriented person and someone who thinks outside of the box, I wanted to better understand the mechanics and functioning of a GAC system,” he said. “Now, I work every day to monitor the plant’s water filtration system which cleans the water to send to the town.”

The GAC is a proven option to remove certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, from water. “Our GAC takes water used in the plant and filters out chemicals that are dissolved in water by trapping the chemical with the carbon,” Simeone added. “Our GAC is connected to our water systems and what’s cool about working with the system is that it is the best technology for removing chemicals available.”

He also added,” It’s great to work with the technology every day, and I also enjoy working with my colleagues and interacting with them every day. The management and the teams make coming to work enjoyable and fun, too!”

A resident of Goffstown, Simeone enjoys hiking, fishing, kayaking, boating, and spending time at his father’s home on a local lake. “There’s nothing better than a warm summer night by the lake with my family.”

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