Protecting our first responders

Made in Merrimack


First responders and emergency services personnel respond to hazardous incidents and accidents which may result in injury and sometimes even death. Fortunately, there are chemical protection standards developed by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) to define the appropriate personal protective equipment for hazmat incidents, as well as globally recognized benchmarks for equipment design and performance needs.

In Merrimack, our employees develop and manufacture ONESUIT® products, which are comprised of high-performing protective suits certified by NFPA and the world’s most stringent standards to provide protection against liquid and vapor chemicals, and biological and warfare agents. In fact, ONESUIT is used by fire departments and militaries worldwide!

The ONESUIT chemical barrier is based on fluoropolymer technology, which are the most chemically inert materials known to man, providing a very broad range of chemical resistance. In addition, woven and non-woven fabrics constitute the structural reinforcement. While typical suits weigh 8 lbs. (not including additional equipment needed during a hazmat response), the ONESUIT weighs only 5 lbs., which results in increased oxygen capacity for firefighters given a less 3 lbs. weight difference on their bodies.

Ventilation air is supplied through a unique closed-loop system, which has strategically located holes for concentrating air flow around the torso and visor while also improving visibility by preventing fogging of the suit visor, and ONESUIT gloves provide first responders with
comfort and dexterity that provides maximum protection against chemical and biological hazards.

Over the years, the Merrimack plant has donated ONESUIT products to the Merrimack Fire Department, providing world-class protection for our community’s first responders.

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